Introducing the OPA Chat Archive

My husband and I use instant messenger.

A lot.

We’ve even been known to IM each other while at home together.  In the same room.  On the same piece of furniture.

Seriously, we might have a bit of a problem.

Before you judge, there are actually quite a few situations where this is preferable to talking – tiny ears in the room being one.  Also wanting to show you this amazing video but being too tired to move.  IM is a parent’s dream.  Now if only it could pour me a drink. . .

Since I’ve been home the past 6+ years with kiddos, and Monte’s job always involves a computer, we’ve amassed a pretty impressive backlog of chat sessions.  Most are decidedly uninteresting, but occasionally I pull out a real gem.

I’ll be sharing some of the more amusing ones here, so be sure to check back often and enjoy a few laughs at our expense!

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