Soaked at the Salon – a Tale of Mother-Daughter Bonding


I love One.  She is fun, outgoing, and sweet all around.  I love our one on one time together.  Sometimes we’ll catch a movie and dinner.  Even going to the grocery by ourselves and picking out a few toys is fun.  So when it’s time to get our hair done, I always think, “This will be another great opportunity to spend some time with One.”  But each time, I’ve proved myself wrong.

Many six year old girls tend to love sparkly and pink products.  And every day they make believe they have a different career.  Well, you’ve seen the inside of a salon.  It’s any girl’s play house!  Except that an adult can control themselves, while a six year old has to touch and try on everything.  While we’re there, One says she will be a stylist when she grows up.  While I support her career goals, she unfortunately thinks it’s time to start her career that day.

Of course, I don’t have much control while I’m sitting there getting my hair img_0304colored.  Her haircut takes all of 15 minutes, and then she’s free to roam.  That coloring book and crayons she brought were cast aside the minute we walked in the door.  So I try another trick.  I download some games on my phone for her.  Yeah, that lasts for about 10 minutes before she’s off exploring again.

Here are four things my daughter absolutely cannot resist messing around with:

-The manicure/pedicure products

They keep all their mani/pedi products in a storage ottoman.  One calls it a treasure box.  One by one, she takes everything out, until the stylist and I turn around and notice what she’s doing.

-The nail polish

You really have to keep an eye on One and the polish.  She loves looking through all the colors, and if you’re not careful will have all of them taken out and strewn about the floor.  Insert my blushing face here.

-The chairs

You know, those spinny, irresistible, chairs that you can make go up and down with just one foot?  I can barely resist them, let alone a six year old.  Naturally she starts playing around with the chairs…up and down…up and down…up, up, up, up.  Just like my blood pressure.

-The sink station

This is the first (and last) time this will happen!  Recently, as if I wasn’t stressed out enough, One wanted to help the stylist turn the sink on.

“OK, no problem,” the stylist says.

2014-07-26Well as soon as she hears the word “OK” she turns the sink on. No one was ready, and the stylist wasn’t even holding the hose.  Water went everywhere. All over me, all over the floor in front of me.  We all knew it was an accident, embarrassing as it was, so we start laughing it off and take a picture.  One takes this as a cue that she is hilarious, so what else is she to do but turn the water on again?  This time I’m fuming as the stylist has to waste about 10 of her towels to wipe up the floor.  My pants dripping, I sternly tell One to go sit down, and not to get up until we’re done.

As I reflect on this, I see that the hair salon maybe isn’t the best place for one on one time with my six year old.  Next time we’ll choose something that doesn’t keep me strapped to a chair for over an hour.

Where is your favorite place to spend time with your child? Share with us in the comments or on our Facebook Page.


featured image photo credit: arbyreed via Flickr

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    LOL Oh my goodness! Don’t you love it when kids think that laughter is in invitation to repeat!

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