It's Not Mine

It’s Not Mine – OPA Chat Archive

Monte:  Someone in this office has issues. Me:  What? Monte:  So at least once per week for the past few weeks I’ve gone into the men’s room and found a ginormous dump in one of the stalls.  In my stall! Me:  You have a stall? Monte:  Yeah, so.  And somebody keeps wrecking it.  Like poop […]

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Become a Master Builder – 5 Essential Strategies for Building Legos With Your Kids

Let’s get one thing out of the way right now.  I always have, and always will refer to little plastic bricks of Danish origin, as Legos.  If that word gets your leather shorts in a bunch like it does everyone at LEGO headquarters, we probably can’t be friends.  Are leather shorts in Denmark even a thing? […]

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