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img_2187Hi. I’m Maggie Draper, the 30 year old wife and mother behind OPA. Growing up as an only child in the city, I always planned on breaking the mold by having a large family.  After giving birth to my third little poop machine, I decided that was quite enough. A SAHM (stay-at-home-mom) since the beginning, I have experienced my share of stressful moments, but wouldn’t trade my time at home for the world. I regard being a mom as a legitimate full-time occupation and will have words with anyone who says otherwise. When not neck deep in laundry or using my ninja-like agility to avoid a floor full of Legos, I enjoy reading, writing, and photography.

The other half of this dynamic blogging duo is my husband Monte – aka, the reason I live in The Middle of Nowhere, USA and have to drive a minimum of 20 minutes to get my fast food on. A geek to the core, it’s a good bet any Star Wars references on this blog are his doing. In addition to the fatherhood gig, Monte pays the bills by posing as a Systems Administrator and Network Guru.

Childhood goes by so quickly, and before you know it, they’re gone. Our Parenthood Adventures was started with the intent of documenting and sharing the adventures of 2 stressed out and over-worked parents – the good, the bad, and the insanely frustrating. It also serves as a constant reminder to look for the humor in each day.


A note from Mom and Dad

Readers will notice that our children’s names have been replaced with aliases- One being the oldest, Two our middle child, and Three the youngest. While their real names are not exactly a State Secret, we recognize that potential employers, future love interests, and other persons of significance, may one day scour the interwebs for information pertaining to our offspring.  When they do, hopefully this blog isn’t the first thing they find.  After all the mistakes we’ve made and will continue to make for years to come, it’s the least we can do 🙂

Update: My husband and I were both raised as Jehovah’s Witnesses. In 2016, we made the difficult decision to leave the JW organization. Though not the original intention of this blog, that decision, and its far-reaching consequences, are something we may touch on from time to time, as the effects to both our family and our approach to parenting have been unavoidable.

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