5 Reasons We Sent Our Kids To School

This past year marked our third year homeschooling. During the summer months, we decided it was time to reevaluate our options. Overall, we enjoyed homeschooling. I taught my oldest two to read and write, we did fun science experiments together, and bonus – we could take long breaks whenever we needed. But, it was time to make […]

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It Won’t Always Be This Way

Pregnancy:  We are so excited to see those two pink lines on that stick!  But, as the months go on, the morning sickness settles in.  The last few months, it gets harder to get off the couch and my feet swell so much, I have can only fit in slippers.  The gynecologist visits become more […]

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It's Not Mine

It’s Not Mine – OPA Chat Archive

Monte:  Someone in this office has issues. Me:  What? Monte:  So at least once per week for the past few weeks I’ve gone into the men’s room and found a ginormous dump in one of the stalls.  In my stall! Me:  You have a stall? Monte:  Yeah, so.  And somebody keeps wrecking it.  Like poop […]

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