It's Not Mine

It’s Not Mine – OPA Chat Archive

Monte:  Someone in this office has issues. Me:  What? Monte:  So at least once per week for the past few weeks I’ve gone into the men’s room and found a ginormous dump in one of the stalls.  In my stall! Me:  You have a stall? Monte:  Yeah, so.  And somebody keeps wrecking it.  Like poop […]

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soap bandits header image

Soap Bandits – OPA Chat Archive

Sometimes I miss our apartment.  I miss the simplicity of that chapter in our lives – a time before I was concerned with things like property taxes and how frequently others in the house were pooping.  Each time one of us sells an organ to bankroll a major home repair, I look back through a thick haze of rosy retrospection, to that little […]

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That Time I Butchered The Dog- OPA Chat Archives

Our 9-year-old Lhasa-Poo, Emily, doesn’t have many talents, unless you count growing enormous amounts of hair. Also tangling that hair into impossibly dense mats and using it to attract half-eaten suckers in the back yard.  Even though her hair grows at an alarming rate, I still can’t quite get on board with taking her to […]

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Preparing Your Kids for a Car Ride

Getting small children prepped and ready to travel is like preparing to mobilize a small army – a very sticky, Pop Tart and granola bar fueled army.  Except that armies are organized.  And disciplined.  And capable of following orders.  OK fine, so army was a bit of a stretch.  More like a gaggle. A well oiled, cohesive […]

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